Cosmetic surgery for breasts - augmentation, uplift and reduction. Free consultation in Galway

Procedures for the Breasts Include:

Breast Enlargement is our most popular procedure and remains the most popular within the cosmetic surgery industry on the whole.Women have a breast enlargement because they are unhappy with the shape and size of their natural breasts. Many also often opt to have the procedure post-pregnancy.

Breast Uplift is another very popular procedure, particularly for women who have lost the natural volume in their breasts, often caused through pregnancy, weight loss or old age. This procedure can be performed with breast implants for a fuller chest or just on its own by lifting existing breast tissue.

Breast Reduction is a procedure which can help women with naturally large breasts. Women can often feel self-conscious of their breasts, particularly if they look out of proportion with the rest of their body shape.

Macrolane Breast Injectionsare an alternative to breast implants. They help to increase volume in the breast and fill out the breasts natural shape. They are normally used to take patients just 1 or 2 cup sizes up from their natural size.

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