Cosmetic surgery for the face. Free consultation and aftercare in Galway

Cosmetic Surgery Procedures for the Face Include:

Face Lift is a procedure popular with both men and women who want to turn back the clock and try and eradicate those signs of ageing.

Eyelid Surgery or otherwise known as upper blepheroplasty opens out the eyes and helps to smooth out wrinkles and takes away excess skin above the eye that is caused through ageing.

Eyebag Surgery or otherwise known as lower blepheroplasty, is a procedure which gets rid of the saggy skin underneath the eye that can make a person's face look drawn out and constantly tired. Sometimes patients pair a face lift with either eyebag surgery or eyelid surgery. At your consultation your surgeon will discuss what are the best options for you.

Rhinoplasty or commonly known as a nose job is a highly demanded cosmetic surgery procedure for both men and women. Whether people dislike their nose's shape or size, our cosmetic surgeons' skill can create a new nose which they are happy with.

Otoplasty is the name for ear reshaping or ear pinning. Patients can feel very self-conscious about their ears, particularly if they stick out and they have been bullied about this in the past.

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